Inspire hope

This is what you shall do: love the earth and sun, and animals, despise riches, give alms to every one that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labor to others, hate tyrants, argue not concerning God, have patience and indulgence towards the people, take off your hat to nothing … Continue reading

Why Occupy Wall Street Is a Disaster for the Obama Administration By Barry Rubin

  I want to keep this brief so I’m not going to present a lot of supporting information — I’ll leave that for my next book, Silent Revolution, about how the far left first hijacked liberalism and key institutions, then hijacked America — but I hope you’ll see why the following argument makes sense. The great … Continue reading

May Day’s Radical History: What Occupy Is Fighting for This May 1st

NYPD Raided Activists’ Homes Before May Day Protests by SOURCE on MAY 2, 2012 · 0 COMMENTS in AMERICAN EMPIRE, CIVIL RIGHTS, ORGANIZING, POLITICS Editor: Here’s a disturbing report about how New York police raided the homes of activists preparing for the May Day protests on the day before.  By Adrian Chen / Gawker / April 30, 2012 A day before Occupy Wall Street hopes to shut … Continue reading

Beware of unruly factions

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While a black preacher told 100 immigration protesters that incarcerated blacks and detained immigrants faced similar challenges, Jesse Morgan stood to one side of the May Day demonstrators, holding a large sign that read “Radical Queers Resist.” (See Madison on Factions.) Although the rally was geared toward illegal immigrants,…

Protesters Claim DTE Not Paying Fair Share

Originally posted on CBS Detroit:
DETROIT (WWJ) – Protesters took to the streets Thursday morning ahead of DTE Energy’s annual shareholders meeting. And while it was not nearly as large as last week’s demonstration targeting GE, the message was the same: Pay your fair share of taxes.  – VIEW PHOTO GALLERY – “They have plenty…


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Socialism. It has become a dirty word. Let’s change that. It is not Communistic. Communism is a form of government. Socialism is an Economic principle of sorts. Don’t like socialism anyway? Then never pay taxes. Every cent of your US tax dollar goes into Socialist state and federal programs. Socialism…

Freedom of the Press Report, Freedom House 2012

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Freedom of the Press Report, Freedom House 2012 (excerpts) Another disturbing development in 2011 was a decline in press freedom in several well-established democracies, most notably Chile and Hungary. As a result of status downgrades in a number of previously Free countries over the past few years, the proportion of…